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As a team, rethink how you make decisions

Because teams that decide better, run better.

Manage and track decisions in one place. Stop using makeshift tools including e-mails, google drives, messaging tools to manage decisions. Maintain the history of past decisions to inform you better with future ones.

Adopt decision making best practices. Everything from; identifying challenges, defining the decision topics, inviting skilled co-workers to contribute [Auto Hoy-Torter Model], deliberating with team members, shorting listing and ranking options [Auto Borda Count Model], and making an action plan - we got you covered.

Empower teams to make decisions. Include your teams in decision making process instead of just communicating the final outcome. Give them them an opportunity and a forum to influence the outcome. Let them be heard.

Involve the right people to help make decisions. Our recommendation engine proactively suggests people within the team with the skills needed to help on a decision. You can also choose the right mix of team members based on personality profiles.

Derive insights from formal and informal conversations. Through NLP, get a crisp summary view of direction of the decision in process. Change course as you see those insights in near real time.

Translate customer input into actions. Through NLP, analyze NPS results and understand what your customers are actually saying. Clearly identify trending topics and blind spots that need your attention. Follow it up with concrete strategic & tactical decisions and action plans.

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