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Product decisions critically depend on human insights

Engage with your team and your customers on strategy, roadmap, and engineering discussions with confidence.

Go beyond NPS scores from your customer surveys. Through NLP, understand what your customers are actually saying about your product, quality, challenges, and capabilities. Clearly identify trending topics and blind spots that need your attention.

Ensure that the product decisions are aligned with overall company objectives. Our conversation characterization engine continuously highlights the nature of the discussions and if they are on track as you expected.

Be it strategy or execution, product decisions yield best results when the right people with the right skills are involved - whether they are in product, engineering, sale, marketing, or services. Let LetsDecide's recommendations and suggestions engine help you!

Put in place a best practice, transparent, repeatable, measurable, and an inclusive product decision making framework in place. Boost your organization's confidence on WHY and HOW the product decisions are made.

Take advantage of product experts in the broader team. Empower your teams by giving them an opportunity and a forum to influence product direction. Let them be heard.

Refer back to product decisions made in the past, WHY they were made, WHO made them, and WHAT was the action plan - all in one place. Stop digging into your e-mails, word documents, and messaging tools!

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